Hairlines line planes use

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  Line planes minutes indoors and outdoors walking frame stringing two lines. Indoor line planes mainly made of high quality steel or aluminum alloy material, after the antioxidant or galvanized spray paint and other surface treatment. Outdoor line planes mainly steel, heat galvanized. Line planes mainly used for laying cables inside and outside the engine room and the base station of. With good looks and diverse styles, high strength, easy to install, easy laying cables and other characteristics.
Fine line planes suitable for the supporting reel line construction actinomycetes, traction wires, when ground, cable tray can automatically rotate Unfolding.
  Fine line planes: one center guide line planes with up and down relative to the same shape can be fixed in line planes dial line planes, those on decentralization bobbin preset plurality of through holes, and in the meantime folder setting a plurality of wires blanks, these wires blank preset central through hole; both before and after the connection with the shape of the front and rear multi-group is able to nip into the wire against the blank line of the upper plate and between decentralization, and through these connections combined into the desired line planes. Thereby enabling the line to be put to a low drag through the wire blank central through-hole, and line planes lighter and easy to make.