Extrusion machine operation, maintenance and repair

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Correct and reasonable use of extrusion machines, can take advantage of the effectiveness of the machine to maintain a good working condition to prolong the service life of the machine. Here extruder operating methods, care and maintenance are summarized as follows:
First, extrusion machines to maintain and repair
Screw extrusion system uses routine maintenance and regular maintenance are two ways for maintenance.
  (1) Routine maintenance is regularly routine work, it does not account for equipment operating hours, usually carried out during driving. Focus on clean machine, lubricate all moving parts, easy to loosely threaded fastening member, timely inspection, adjustment motors, control instruments, the working parts and lines.
  (2) regular maintenance is generally in continuous operation 2500-5000h extruder machine shut down for after the machine requires the disintegration of inspection, measurement, identification of the main components to wear and replace worn reached a predetermined limit to parts, repair damage to the parts.
  (3) does not allow empty running, in order to avoid screw and Jane rolled hair.
  (4) In the event of extrusion machine during operation is not normally sound, should immediately stop, for inspection or repair.
  (5) prevent metal or other debris falling into the hopper, to avoid damaging the screw and barrel. To prevent iron debris into the barrel, the barrel may be feeding material into the suction mouth mounted magnetic component or magnetic planes to prevent debris falling into the material must be screened in advance.
  (6) Note that the production of a clean environment, rendering garbage clogging the filter plate material contamination, affecting the product yield, quality and increasing resistance nose.
  (7) When Extruders take longer to stop using anti-rust should be coated with grease on the work surface screw, Jane, nose and so on. Small screw should be suspended in the air or placed in special wooden box, and pad level with wood, so as not to screw deformation or bumps.
  (8) Periodic calibration temperature control instrumentation, check their adjustment to the correctness and controlled sensitivity.
  (9) Extruders gearbox to maintain the same general standard gear units. Mainly to check the gears, bearings and other wear and failure conditions. Manual gearbox should specify the use of the machine lubricating oil, according to the provisions added to the oil to the oil level, the oil is too low, lubrication is not reversed, reduce parts life; too much oil, heat a large, multi-energy, oil and easy metamorphism, also makes lubrication failure, causing damage to the consequences of the parts. Gearbox oil spill sites should be replaced seal (ring) to ensure that the amount of lubricant.
  (10) Extruders affiliated to the inner wall of the cooling water is easy to furring external corrosive rust. Maintenance should be done carefully checked, scale can clog the pipeline too, reach the cooling effect, severe corrosion may leak, cleaning and corrosion must be taken care of cooling measures.
  (11) for rotatably driving the screw to focus on checking DC motor brush wear and exposure, whether the motor insulation resistance value should be measured regularly at a predetermined value or more. In addition to check the cable and other components are rusty, and the use of protective measures.
  (12) designate a person responsible for equipment maintenance. Repair and maintenance of detailed records for each plant and equipment included in the management file Second, the method of operation extruder
  The operator must be familiar with the operation of their own land Extruders fabric characteristics, in particular, to correctly grasp the screw to the structural characteristics of the heating and cooling control instrumentation features, characteristics and nose assembly and so, in order to properly grasp the extrusion process conditions, the right to operate the machine. Extruded plastics to different methods of operation are not the same manner, but also has its similarities. Below is a brief description of various products in the same manner during extrusion procedure and the operation should pay attention to the matter. 1, the preparatory work before driving to
  (1) for extrusion molding to plastic. Raw material should be dried to achieve the desired requirements, if necessary, the need for further drying. And the material was sieved to remove lumps aggregates and mechanical impurities.
  (2) Check the equipment in the water, electricity, gas and each system is normal, ensure that the water, gas flow, does not leak, the electrical system is normal, the heating system, temperature control, various instruments are working and reliable; auxiliary low-speed test empty operation, observe whether the device is working properly; start vacuum shaping table, whether to observe work; slippery parts in a variety of equipment lubrication. If found fault immediately removed.
  (3) installed head and calibrator. Depending on the product to species, size, head size selected. The following sequence will head installed.
  ① nose should fit together, the whole mounted on extruder.
  ② former head assembly shall be painted to wipe grease when saving, carefully check whether the cavity surface bumps, scratches, rust, polished as necessary, and then the channel surface coated with silicone oil.
  ③ sequentially assembled with the head of each block plate bolts to the threads coated with hot grease, then tighten the bolts and flange.
  ④ porous plate is placed between the head flange to ensure that pressing the perforated plate without flash.
  ⑤ without tightening the coupling flange head and extruder die should be adjusted to the horizontal position of the front fastening bolts, can adjust the level of proposed square head level, round head shape model places soled surface as a reference by the head die the bottom surface leveling.
  ⑥ tight connection flange bolts, tighten the head fastening bolts, install heating coil and a thermocouple, pay attention to the heating coil to the outer surface in close contact with the head.
  ⑦ installation and adjustment of the calibrator in place, check the host, setting sleeve and the tractor is aligned to the center line. After adjustment, tighten the fixing bolts. Connecting pipes and tubes of each calibrator.
  ⑧ turn the heating power of the nose, Jane uniform heating temperature. Open at the bottom of the hopper and the gearbox cooling water pump to the inlet and exhaust valves. When the temperature of each heating temperature adjusted to 140 ℃, when the heat until the temperature rose to 140 ℃ 30-40min, and then the temperature was raised to a temperature of normal production. Until the temperature rose to normal production at the desired temperature, then hold for about 10min, so that each part of the machine temperature stabilized, in order to drive production. Insulation length of time depending on the model extruders and plastic materials varieties vary. Incubation period of time to make a consistent temperature inside and outside the machine, so the meter indicates the temperature has reached the required temperature, while the actual temperature was low, at this time if the material is put in extrusion machines, because the actual temperature is too low, the material melt viscosity is too large, it will cause axial force overload and damage the machine.
  ⑨ The materials used to drive into the hopper, ready for use.
2, driving
  (1) After the thermostat to drive, before driving and extrusion machines should head flange bolts tightened once again to eliminate the thermal difference expansion bolt head, a tight head bolts sequentially diagonal tightening, forced to be uniform ʱ?? When tightening the head flange nuts, it requires around elastic consistent, otherwise expected to run.
  (2) to drive selected by "ready to drive" button, followed by "Drive" button, then slowly rotate the screw speed adjustment knob screw speed slow start. Then gradually accelerate, while a small amount of feed. Pay close attention to the host ammeter and various indicating meter indicates when changes in feeding. Screw torque should not exceed the red mark (typically 65% ​​-75% torque table). Before being extruded plastic profile, no person shall stand in front of the die, in order to prevent the bolts pulled off or put wet bulb due to raw material and other reasons arising from injuries. Plastic extrusion die from the head, it will take the extrudate slowly cooled and lead the traction device and stereotypes die, and start these devices. Then according to control instrument indicated value and extrusion products require. It will be adjusted accordingly for each section, so that the entire extrusion operation to normal status. And, if necessary add a little material, the use of a twin-screw extruder feed dosing uniformly constant velocity.
  (3) When the discharge die uniform and plastic excellent traction can be good people calibrator. Need to empirically determine the extent plastics, extruded material according to general appearance to judge, that shiny surface, no impurities, no foam, coke material and color, hand out material squeezed down to a certain extent does not appear burrs, nicks, there is a certain flexibility, this time a good description of plastics materials. If the plasticizing screw speed adjustment may be appropriate to bad, barrel and head temperature until it reaches the requirements.
  (4) In the extrusion process, the process should require periodic inspection of various process parameters are normal, and fill process sheets. Press profile products quality inspection standards to quality inspection, identify problems and take timely corrective measures.
3, parking
  (1) Stop feeding the extruder interior plastic squeeze light, when exposed screw, turn off the power cylinder and head, stop heating.
  (2) Close Extruder and auxiliary power supply, the screw and auxiliary equipment stops.
  (3) Open the head flange connection, disassembly handpiece. Cleanup perforated plate and head to the various components. To prevent damage to the nose inner surface, the residual material application head Mainland law steel, steel to clean up the clean-up, and then use sandpaper to adhere to the plastic head inland mill in addition to, and lighting, coated with oil or silicone oil rust.
  (4) screw and barrel to clean up, after removing the head, restart the host, plus parking material (or broken material), washing screw, barrel, then screw the choice of low-speed (sr / min or so) to reduce wear. Parking material to be crushed into powder is completely out, the available compressed air from the feed inlet and exhaust ports repeatedly blown residual pellets and powder until the barrel is really no residual material after the screw speed down to zero, stop Extruders , turn off the main power supply and the cold water of the total valve.
  (5) should pay attention to safety out of the project are: electrical, thermal, mechanical, rotating and ground handling and other heavy components. Extruder workshop lifting equipment must be provided, nose assembly and disassembly, screw and other bulky components to ensure safety in production.